Hi my name is Monika,

I remember the day when I was invited for the recruitment event by Meccti , I was not sure whether to go, I had doubts if I was good enough to succeed or ready to move to another country. I have never regretted my decision, I am happy I went for the interview and have tried it.

Meccti and managers of Gulf Air gave me picture about life in Bahrain and aviation, they immediately took me as a part of their family. I have to say, that all girls were so excited on event, seeing how Gulf air is treating their staff, how much they support them.

4 years spent in Gulf Air was the best time ever, I have experienced so much, I found many new friends, traveled the world, took my family for vacations to different countries, had great social life, own car, great apartment and so much more…My average salary was 1,900-,2400 Eur tax free, which is great taking in mind you have apartment for free… So, yes… I saved some money too.

I never knew before, that Bahrain is such a great country. You are so safe and free there, you live normal European life (work and fun).

Now I am back, having great career in Meccti, helping girls like you to go through all the process.

The experience which Gulf Air gave me is the best one. They invested so much into me – financially and personally.

The investment I did to become a part of GA is nothing comparing to what they invested into me.

If you would like to hear more about my stay in Bahrain, just click here:

Gulf Air v Bratislave, www.letusky.eu | rozhovor v Rádiu WOW

Hope you will not miss the chance to come on recruitment event in Bratislava 18.04.2020 or Warsaw 25.04.2020.